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Time Recording/Project Management

If you're a software developer, manufacturer or any other business that needs to track and bill time by project Zimple can help.

> Record your time on your desktop or your phone

> Export your time recording data to CSV format

> Manage your development process using our Task Scheduler

> Know when your projects are nearing or over budget

> Used our WEB API to access your data from your desktop

Appointment Booking

If you're a masseuse, a music teacher, a garage, a yoga studio or any other business that requires customers to book your services Zimple can help.

> Fixed or Variable length bookings

> Variable Service Capacities

> Email confirmations

> Flexible Bookings page


Track Customers, Vendors or Suppliers and their contacts. Track your sales and be able to identify your most important customers and customers most in need of attention.

> Pipeline Management

> Campaign Management

> Used our WEB API to access your data from your desktop


With low subscription rates is functional and affordable.